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DataStax designé Leader dans le Forrester Wave : Big Data NoSQL

Rédigé par Communiqué de Datastax le 19 Août 2016

DataStax reçoit le meilleur score possible pour sa performance, sa haute disponibilité, sa roadmap produit ainsi que sa capacité d’exécution

DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, today announced it has been named a leader in the “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q3 2016” by Forrester Research. In the report, Forrester evaluated Big Data NoSQL technology from 15 vendors using criteria categorized by current offering, strategy, and market presence. DataStax received maximum scores possible for performance, high availability, product roadmap and ability to execute.

According to Forrester's survey of more than 2,000 data and analytics technology decision makers - more than 60% of enterprises already have implemented or plan on implementing NoSQL solutions within the next 12 months.

“NoSQL is now a necessity, not an option any longer”, said Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst, Forrester Research.

The Forrester NoSQL Wave contains expert analysis of the key differentiators, future outlook and use case suitability for more than 15 of the most prominent vendors within this quickly-changing market. The report also explains why technology decision makers select NoSQL DBMS for their ability to enable elastic scale, support flexible data models, lower data management costs and deliver extreme read and write speeds.

The report evaluated DataStax Enterprise 4.8 and awarded it a 4.22 score out of 5 possible points for “Current Offering”. DataStax has subsequently released its latest product, DataStax Enterprise 5.0 which features multi-model capabilities with JSON and Graph DBMS features - other key criteria identified in the report.

According to the report: “DataStax leverages Apache Cassandra™ to go geo-distributed across data centers. A strong value proposition for DataStax NoSQL has been around its global distributed architecture. DataStax distributes, contributes, and supports the enterprise version of Apache Cassandra™ - an Apache open source project. Its key features include: fault tolerance, scale-out architecture, low-latency data access, and simplified administration.”

The Forrester report also states that, “DataStax Enterprise (DSE), [the commercial offering of Cassandra], supports various types of business applications, including transactional, analytical, translytical, predictive analytics, and mixed workloads. Recently, DataStax rolled out DSE 5.0 that offers broader multimodel capabilities with support for Graph and JSON data. Top use cases seen with Cassandra include: fraud detection, product catalogs, consumer personalization, recommendation engines, IoT, and analytics.” In addition they said “DataStax has strong capabilities for applications that demand data distribution across data centers and the cloud leveraging the Apache Cassandra™ platform.”

“Our recognition as a leader by Forrester is yet another sign that companies require real-time value at epic scale to deliver an always-on customer experience via their cloud applications,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO at DataStax. “We offer our customers a true multi-model NoSQL database, that is distributed, responsive and intelligent in a single, integrated platform.”

“ProtectWise helps organizations conduct proactive threat hunting on a scale that was previously untenable due to the volume of data being managed,” said Gene Stevens, Co-founder and CTO, ProtectWise. “With DataStax Enterprise’s scalability and built-in search features, we are able to process this vast amount of data. DSE 5.0’s advanced search capabilities offer faster search times on larger data sets along with stronger Spark jobs which make it easy to completely cover and unify a rapidly expanding attack surface that our customers experience across their enterprise, cloud and industrial control networks, all while simultaneously compressing the breach detection window and enabling proactive hunting and patrolling on these widely dispersed and often complex infrastructures.”

To download a free copy of the The Forrester Wave: Big Data NoSQL, Q3 2016 report, click here.

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